About ASWebdesign

ASWebdesign was founded in 2006 in WatfordHertfordshire by Andy Sidders.

After graduating from the University of Reading with a degree in Electronic Engineering instead of immediately starting a job I started a web based project with my Dad. Our aim was to develop a website for A-level maths students in the UK. After approaching several web design companies we decided that as we both had a background in programming that we would design and code the website ourselves.

After much hard work we launched Examsolutions.co.uk in 2004 and we started waiting for visitors from search engines. After months of rewording and minor redesigns we were still nowhere to be found on Google. We rarely received visitors to the site, it was a disaster!

Not wanting to give up on the website, I continued learning different web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and by a process of trial and error completely redesigned and recoded ExamSolutions. In 2005 ExamSolutions and I had a breakthrough. The site rocketed up the search engine listings and ranked in the top 10 on the major search engines for a number of keywords I targeted. The site now receives approximately 600 visitors per day and peaks at around 3000 visitors per day on the buildup to the exams in January and June.

After achieving a successful position in the search engines for ExamSolutions, I then set out to use the techniques I had learned on ExamSolutions on new websites with different themes, targeting different keywords.

After producing several successful websites, enjoying designing and watching them receive lots of visitors, I realised, I didn’t actually want to be an Electronic Engineer!

I started ASWebdesign in 2006 and continue to enjoy designing and optimising websites both for myself and for my clients.